Who we are and our alternatives: The modern times compelling Shipping Agents to equip their office with up-dated technology, reduce personal and be competitive. We fully comply with demands of present times, serving our clients satisfactorily, responding to their demands, we are prepared to front worse situations which, although don’t desire, it might arise in near future.

Almost 30 years in shipping business in this port of Buenos Aires and Up river, our clients witness understand that “ATLAS AGENCIA MARITIMA SRL & ATLAS MARITIME SERVICES SA”, (both the same company), as the DECENT GREEK SHIPPING AGENCY IN ARGENTINA.

The creator of this agency is Captain Dimitris P. Kallinikos, licensed Sea Captain by the Greek M. Ministry in 1969 with extra studies for Marine claims in London during 1971 and 1975 with good knowledge and experience in marine engines and machinery, served two Greek Shipping Companies, “The Olimpic Maritime”, from Octuber 1955 till August 1968, and for “N & J Vlassopoulos LTD of London” from September 1968 till June 1977. Served in the Hellenic Navy as officer, and in merchants ships from cadet till Master in the above mentioned shipping companies, himself together with our selected staff is the guarantee we offer to ship Owners.

Personally Captain D. P. Kallinikos chose the group of collaborators who work in head and branch offices, including his son Panagiotis Kallinikos and all the staff are of the great confidence to develop all type of exigencies according with this business.

We are glad to inform all ours clients that as from January 2005 our agency has attend with own offices at Campana, San Nicolás, Rosario & San Lorenzo Ports. Therefore, beyond our head office in Buenos Aires and Branches at Campana our new Up River offices will help to improve further the traditional good services we have given to all our clients for almost 30 continous years in Argentina.

Please contact us, do your best whenever is possible to nominate our agency as cargo agent or for protective matters, we promised that beyond of good service we shall guarantee that our disbursements will be the best one, please compare it with others, we do not doubt there you will find another good reason to choose us.